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Livestock complex

He fast-built angar.telyatnik
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- passes a daylight - natural ventilation - fire safety - temperature condition-55 +70 - 100% tightness - it is steady against chemicals - it is steady against corrosion - a warranty period of use of awning material – 15 years - possibility of dismantle and new installation - small material...
Group: Livestock complex
Mololochno-tovarnaya farm
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Milky commodity farms. This excellent solution of construction, in comparison with capital construction! Price! Terms! Expenses. All cycle of production takes no more than 30 days. Ideal decision. 
Group: Livestock complex


Unbelievable price on Livestock complex in Kostanaj (Kazakhstan) company SSK, TOO (SpecStalKonstrukcii). Wide choice of quality products at affordable prices.